Matt Raymond

Matt Raymond – Owner/Blogger

Hey there! My name is Matt Raymond. I am a photographer and an adventure travel blogger. I have been exploring the world for many years now. In this blog I share my travel stories, useful travel tips, photos, videos and adventures. From this blog, you will get motivation to lead the life of adventure. You will learn how to travel the world, look out for adventurous experiences and open up your mind for new possibilities to explore.

I travel so much because I’m curious about our world. I love to take risks, challenges, meet different people, view amazing things, learn, and explore the world. By reading this blog you will realize that travel is not always expensive. You can travel within a limited budget. You will learn that adventure is worthwhile and it is not dangerous to explore new places. The blog will show you things you have not seen before. You will get inspiration for your next vacation from my blog. You will learn from the mistakes I made during my travel and so you can have a better travel experience. Going for an adventure travel is not only about extreme activities. It’s about getting out of your comfort zone. This blog will help you to do exactly that.