Why Commute on an Electric Bike?

Going to work can really be terrible, and especially if you’re the person that has a standard 9-to-5 job. Quick bit of advice, consider moving home with the best estate agents in east London. Harlands, they’ll make the process of relocating a breeze. You are probably going to get stuck in that awful traffic jam, and there is a good chance that you’ll be late for work. Also, driving your car to work, or even going by a bus or a taxi, can really be stressful, and that is not the condition you want your workday to start in.

Some people say that they have found a cheat code for this, and have started going to work by bicycle This is great if you live in the same city or town your job’s at, and you can beat the traffic jam with it, but the problem lays in a different matter – you are probably going to get tired by pedalling to work, and more importantly, you’re going to sweat on your commute, and that can be really embarrassing – imagine getting to work and attending the very first meeting of the day smelling of sweat. Terrible!

This above mentioned cheat code is not perfect, but you can be sure that there is one that is just that – a perfect way of commuting to work, without breaking a sweat, without getting stuck in the traffic, and without spending all that money, and it’s called the electric bike! So, why exactly is the electric bike the perfect way of commuting to work? Well, first of all, it evades the issue of tiring yourself and getting all sweaty. By riding an electric bike, you don’t actually do the pedalling if you don’t want to. An electric bike has a motor, which powers the bike. You can also pedal at times, and when you don’t feel like doing it, just switch to the electric form of the bike. This is great because it also allows you to get some exercise, this is something the busy modern people really need. So, you won’t just be commuting to work, you’ll be exercising as well at the same time. Two birds with one stone!

The next reason why you ought to start commuting to work by an electric bike is the fact that electric bikes don’t require any gas. You won’t be spending all that money on your car fuel, and you can use it to improve your home budget. You’ll be saving a couple of hundreds of pounds each month, which could be used in a far better way.

Besides the fact that you’ll be avoiding the traffic jams and not spending all that money on gas (or even on other car expenses – the electric bikes don’t have them), you’ll also be helping to make your city become green again. You see, the carbon foothold of an electric bike is practically non-existent, which basically means that you won’t affect the environment in any way (at least, not in the negative way; in the positive way – sure). You’ll be saving your city, you won’t get stuck in traffic jams, you won’t be stressed out by the jams, you won’t waste all that money any more, and you’ll get some exercise. Sounds unbelievable, but is, in fact, true.

Matt Raymond