3 craziest sports you have to try


As travel is becoming more affordable and accessible, people are trying out extreme sports to fulfill their desire for adventure and thrill. Here are some craziest sports you can try.

1. Zorbing


This is a very popular extreme sport now that has taken the world by storm. It is easy and fun. You are strapped into a big plastic orb. This orb is an inflatable sphere that is cushioned by a thick layer of air. You are put inside it and it is rolled down a hill. This sport was first invented in New Zealand in the year 2000.

2. Riding a water jetpack


This sport can fulfill your childhood dream of becoming a superhero. A marine engine is used to pump water upwards. You are thrust up to 30 feet on top of the ground. You can use two nozzles to steer yourself and control the jets. You can find this sport in Caribbean island resorts.

3. Slacklining


This extreme sport requires good balancing skill. It is similar to tightrope walking. But here, nylon webbing is used. This makes the line stretchable and elastic making the slacker to experience a number of challenges. The highest slackline is 3,280 feet high which stretches across the Norwegian fjord in Kjerag.

These extreme sports will give you a great adrenaline rush and a new experience in your next vacation.These sports can change your personality and change your perspective about the world. Safety is a big concern in this kind of sports. So, you need to take enough precautions before you try one of these out.

Matt Raymond